Beautiful tools make beautiful drawings

Sketches is Tayasui's flagship app and for the last ten years we have continually updated and refined it to the delight of millions of users.

sketches iOS


The start-up screen for version 1.0 showcases the meticulously crafted 3D rendering of the tools, reflecting the refinement we put into the drawing brushes.

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User Interface

The main idea behind Sketches is reflected in its name: it lets you create drawings quickly. With this in mind, I decided that the user interface and tools should be understood at a glance. 

Koi in-UI

Therefore, I made all tools visible and ensured every brush draws exactly as the user expects, allowing for a fast start and quick proficiency.

More about Sketches Design

Realistic Brushes

Creating the Brushes in Sketches was a work of patience, requiring a good dose of artistry and countless hours of fine-tuning to achieve perfect results.



A playful and clever way to share:
the initial sharing system used customized postage stamps to share to multiple destinations at once, making it both functional and really fun.

What people says


With Tayasui Sketches I could have added a new dimension to Cubism.

Pablo Picasso


Tayasui Sketches is tremendous. Really tremendous.

Donal Trump


I’m sure Sketches would have bring a smile to Mona Lisa.

Leonardo Da Vinci

A gorgeous
colour picker

When skeuomorphism was all the rage


Innovative Tools

Toucan in-UIipad pro-acc-apple-pencil-10deg

The pattern tool allows you to quickly draw shapes filled with beautiful textures.

Toucan in-UI


As an homage to MacPaint and the Letraset system, we offer a great selection of carefully crafted patterns.



In 2014, we redesigned Sketches interface to match iOS 7 new flat design.

Koi in-UI

With a new 2D design for our tools

Koi in-UI

A Warm Welcome

Throughout Sketches, we've added little touches of attention to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Toucan in-UI

For instance, when you launch Sketches, you’ll be greeted by a warm and witty quote.


To create the iPhone version while preserving Sketches original look, we made significant adjustments, particularly to the tool selection.

Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-loader.1
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup-2
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup

With a smile

Toucan in-UI

From time to time, after an export for example, a little bird will grace you with a small animation.


Design and Cooking

I like to compare UX design to cooking. Following the recipe is essential, but it's the touch of talent that turns the dish into something truly exceptional.

Fast sharing

Given the lack of a sharing mechanism on iOS at the time, we created our own, fast and easily accessible from the canvas

Koi in-UI

Amazing Watercolor

Toucan in-UIipad pro-acc-apple-pencil-10deg

Particularly praised by our artists, the watercolor brushes stay wet and make it easy to mix colors or add texture by tapping.

Help Cards

Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-loader.1
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup-2
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup

More than 60 contextual help cards are available. 
Each one is carefully crafted to help new users become familiar with the app advanced features


Gradiensipad pro-acc-apple-pencil-10deg

Interactive gradients allow for a very fine control and a highly creative process.


Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-loader.1
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup-2
Sketches iPhone-Flat-v1-Mockup

A particular attention was given to show informative and attractive images on the App Store.